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Auto Restoration

At Continental Autobody & Restoration, our expert technicians restore vehicles of any age, type, and condition to breathe new life into worn or antique cars. Our attention to detail is unmatched and cars that leave our restoration garage are worthy of car show events.

We spend as much time and resources as necessary to create perfection in function and appearance. Over the years, the above and beyond customer service Continental Autobody & Restoration provides has led to high-profile customers and stellar results. Every car part goes through a rigorous series of checkpoints prior to beginning work and before completion.

There are different levels of restoration we can complete, depending on if you’re more interested in driving or showing your vehicle. Driver level restorations allow for flexibility, in that you don’t have to worry about preventing every nick or fingerprint; whereas our highest restoration level is customized for car shows. We also offer progressive restoration for collector cars that have begun to show age and wear. This type repairs any cosmetic or mechanical wear and maintains the car so it will last several more years.

Steps in our restoration process include those below, and are customized for each job:

  • Disassembly and Parts Evaluation
  • Chemical Strip
  • Parts and Subassembly Restoration
  • Vehicle inspection and Evaluation
  • Metal and Panel Repair
  • E-Coat
  • Body Fitment
  • Priming
  • Underside Detailing
  • Repainting
  • Wet Sand/Polish
  • Assembly
  • Safety Inspection
  • Road Testing
  • Final Detail
  • Quality Inspection

Regular quality assurance is done throughout the stages of restoration. Contact Continental Autobody & Restoration in Saskatoon to learn more or get started with a quote.

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